Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) is a top-tier scholarly journal aiming to advance the understanding and practice of information systems.

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Special Issue: Decision Support Systems for Teams, Groups, and Organizations

Nunamaker Jr, Jay F

Using Computing in Quality Team Meetings: Initial Observations from the IRS--Minnesota Project

DeSanctis, Gerardine, Poole, Marshall Scott, Lewis, Howard, and Desharnais, George

Exploring the Impact of Face-to-Face Collaborative Technology on Group Writing

Horton, Marjorie, Rogers, Priscilla S, Austin, Laurel, and McCormick, Michael

The Architecture of an Information System for the Support of Alternative Generation

MacCrimmon, Kenneth R and Wagner, Christian

The Design Process for a Computer-Supported Cooperative Work Research Laboratory: The Hohenheim CATeam Room

Lewe, Henrik and Krcmar, Helmut

Building an Electronic Community System

Schatz, Bruce R

The Conceptualization and Development of Organizational Decision Support Systems

George, Joey F

An Empirical Test of Object-based Output Measurement Metrics in a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) Environment

Banker, Rajiv D, Kauffman, Robert J, and Kumar, Rachna

GOST: An Active Modeling System for Costing and Planning NASA Space Programs

Castillo, David G, Dolk, Daniel R, and Kridel, Donald J

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