Journal of Management Information Systems (JMIS) is a top-tier scholarly journal aiming to advance the understanding and practice of information systems.

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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Assuring Information Quality

Ballou, Donald, Madnick, Stuart E, and Wang, Richard

Knowing-Why About Data Processes and Data Quality

Lee, Yang W and Strong, Diane M

The Design and Implementation of a Corporate Householding Knowledge Processor to Improve Data Quality

Madnick, Stuart E, Wang, Richard, and Xiang, Xian

Time-Related Factors of Data Quality in Multichannel Information Systems

Cappiello, Cinzia, Francalanci, Chiara, and Pernici, Barbara

Crafting Rules: Context-Reflective Data Quality Problem Solving

Lee, Yang W

Information Technology Investments and Firms' Performance--A Duopoly Perspective

Quan, Jing Jim, Qing, Hu, and Hart, Paul J

The Matrix of Control: Combining Process and Structure Approaches to Managing Software Development

Nidumolu, Sarma R and Subramani, Mani R

The Role of System Trust in Business-to-Consumer Transactions

Pennington, Robin, Wilcox, H Dixon, and Grover, Varun

An Inductively Derived Model of Leader-Initiated Relationship Building with Virtual Team Members

Pauleen, David J

A Longitudinal Field Study of Training Practices in a Collaborative Application Environment

Kang, David and Santhanam, Radhika

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