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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Issue: Information Technology and Organizational Governance: The IT Governance Cube

Tiwana, Amrit, Konsynski, Benn, and Venkatraman, N

Horizontal Allocation of Decision Rights for On-Premise Applications and Software-as-a-Service

Winkler, Till J and Brown, Carol V

The Governance and Control of Open Source Software Projects

Di Tullio, Dany and Staples, D Sandy

A Process Model of Complementarity and Substitution of Contractual and Relational Governance in IS Outsourcing

Huber, Thomas L, Fischer, Thomas A, Dibbern, Jens, and Hirschheim, Rudy

Evolution of Governance: Achieving Ambidexterity in IT Outsourcing

Cao, Lan, Mohan, Kannan, Ramesh, Balasubramaniam, and Sarkar, Sumantra

The Information Artifact in IT Governance: Toward a Theory of Information Governance

Tallon, Paul P, Ramirez, Ronald V, and Short, James E

Centralizing Data Management with Considerations of Uncertainty and Information-Based Flexibility

Velu, Chander K, Madnick, Stuart E, and Van Alstyne, Marshall W

Effects of Different Types of Free Trials and Ratings in Sampling of Consumer Software: An Empirical Study

Lee, Young-Jin and Tan, Yong

Integrating Biosignals into Information Systems: A NeuroIS Tool for Improving Emotion Regulation

Astor, Philipp J, Adam, Marc T P, Jer?i?, Petar, Schaaff, Kristina, and Weinhardt, Christof

Impact of Prior Reviews on the Subsequent Review Process in Reputation Systems

Ma, Xiao, Khansa, Lara, Deng, Yun, and Kim, Sung S

Comprehension and Assessment of Product Reviews: A Review-Product Congruity Proposition

Huang, Liqiang, Tan, Chuan-Hoo, Ke, Weiling, and Wei, Kwok-Kee

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