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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Everybody Needs Somebody: The Influence of Team Network Structure on Information Technology Use

Magni, Massimo, Angst, Corey M, and Agarwal, Ritu

Toward an Integrated Model of Group Development: Disruption of Routines by Technology-Induced Change

Garfield, Monica J and Dennis, Alan R

Corporate Wikis: The Effects of Owners' Motivation and Behavior on Group Members' Engagement

Arazy, Ofer and Gellatly, Ian R

Information Security Outsourcing with System Interdependency and Mandatory Security Requirement

Hui, Kai-Lung, Hui, Wendy, and Yue, Wei T

Organizations' Information Security Policy Compliance: Stick or Carrot Approach?

Chen, Yan, Ramamurthy, K, and Wen, Kuang-Wei

Competitive Target Advertising and Consumer Data Sharing

Zhao, Xia and Xue, Ling

Alternate Strategies for a Win-Win Seeking Agent in Agent-Human Negotiations

Yang, Yinping, Singhal, Sharad, and Xu, Yunjie

Inducing Intrinsic Motivation to Explore the Enterprise System: The Supremacy of Organizational Levers

Ke, Weiling, Tan, Chuan-Hoo, Sia, Choon-Ling, and Wei, Kwok-Kee

Understanding Postadoptive Behaviors in Information Systems Use: A Longitudinal Analysis of System Use Problems in the Business Intelligence Context

Deng, Xuefei and Chi, Lei

Investigating the Value of Sociomaterialism in Conceptualizing IT Capability of a Firm

Kim, Gimun, Shin, Bongsik, and Kwon, Ohbyung

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