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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Product Reviews and Competition in Markets for Repeat Purchase Products

Li, Xinxin, Hitt, Lorin M, and Zhang, Z John

Drivers of the Long Tail Phenomenon: An Empirical Analysis

Hinz, Oliver, Eckert, Jochen, and Skiera, Bernd

Information Quality in Wikipedia: The Effects of Group Composition and Task Conflict

Arazy, Ofer, Nov, Oded, Patterson, Raymond, and Yeo, Lisa

Influence of Industry Characteristics on Information Technology Outsourcing

Qu, Wen Guang, Pinsonneault, Alain, and Oh, Wonseok

Productivity and Performance Effects of Business Process Reengineering: A Firm-Level Analysis

Altinkemer, Kemal, Ozcelik, Yasin, and Ozdemir, Zafer D

Privacy Concerns Versus Desire for Interpersonal Awareness in Driving the Use of Self-Disclosure Technologies: The Case of Instant Messaging in Two Cultures

Lowry, Paul Benjamin, Cao, Jinwei, and Everard, Andrea

The Impact of Network Externalities on the Competition Between Open Source and Proprietary Software

Cheng, Hsing K, Liu, Yipeng, and Tang, Qian

Consumer Acceptance of Recommendations by Interactive Decision Aids: The Joint Role of Temporal Distance and Concrete Versus Abstract Communications

Kohler, Clemens F, Breugelmans, Els, and Dellaert, Benedict G C

Mitigating Vendor Silence in Offshore Outsourcing: An Empirical Investigation

Jain, Radhika P, Simon, Judith C, and Poston, Robin S

Individual Virtual Competence and Its Influence on Work Outcomes

Wang, Yinglei and Haggerty, Nicole

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