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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Issue: Fake News on the Internet

Dennis, Alan R, Galletta, Dennis F, and Webster, Jane

The Effect of Platform Intervention Policies on Fake News Dissemination and Survival: An Empirical Examination

Ng, Ka Chung, Tang, Jie, and Lee, Dongwon

Biased Credibility and Sharing of Fake News on Social Media: Considering Peer Context and Self-Objectivity State

Turel, Ofir and Osatuyi, Babajide

The Effect of the Expressed Anger and Sadness on Online News Believability

Deng, Bingjie and Chau, Michael

Dynamic Effects of Falsehoods and Corrections on Social Media: A Theoretical Modeling and Empirical Evidence

King, Kelvin K, Wang, Bin, Escobari, Diego, and Oraby, Tamer

Cure or Poison? Identity Verification and the Posting of Fake News on Social Media

Wang, Shuting (Ada), Pang, Min-Seok, and Pavlou, Paul A

Emotions: The Unexplored Fuel of Fake News on Social Media

Horner, Christy Galletta, Galletta, Dennis, Crawford, Jennifer, and Shirsat, Abhijeet

Uncovering the Truth about Fake News: A Research Model Grounded in Multi-Disciplinary Literature

George, Jordana, Gerhart, Natalie, and Torres, Russell

Fall Detection with Wearable Sensors: A Hierarchical Attention-based Convolutional Neural Network Approach

Yu, Shuo, Chai, Yidong, Chen, Hsinchun, Brown, Randall A, Sherman, Scott J, and Nunamaker, Jay F

First, Do No Harm: Predictive Analytics to Reduce In-Hospital Adverse Events

Lin, Yu-Kai and Fang, Xiao

When will I get out of the Hospital? Modeling Length of Stay using Comorbidity Networks

Kalgotra, Pankush and Sharda, Ramesh

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