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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Social Influence and Networked Business Interaction

Kauffman, Robert J and Weber, Thomas A

Platform Competition in the Sharing Economy: Understanding How Ride-Hailing Services Influence New Car Purchases

Guo, Yue, Li, Xiaotong, and Zeng, Xiaohua

Adherence to Clinical Guidelines, Electronic Health Record Use, and Online Reviews

Saifee, Danish H, Bardhan, Indranil R, Lahiri, Atanu, and Zheng, Zhiqiang (Eric)

Diffusion on Social Media Platforms: A Point Process Model for Interaction among Similar Content

Yoo, Eunae, Gu, Bin, and Rabinovich, Elliot

An Integrative Theory Addressing Cyberharassment in the Light of Technology-Based Opportunism

Lowry, Paul Benjamin, Zhang, Jun, Moody, Gregory D, Chatterjee, Sutirtha, Wang, Chuang, and Wu, Tailai

Deliberate or Instinctive? Proactive and Reactive Coping for Technostress

Pirkkalainen, Henri, Salo, Markus, Tarafdar, Monideepa, and Makkonen, Markus

Disrupting Unwanted Habits in Online Gambling Through Information Technology

Hou, Jinghui (Jove), Kim, Keehyung, Kim, Sung S, and Ma, Xiao

An Information Processing View on Joint Vendor Performance in Multi-Sourcing: The Role of the Guardian

Oshri, Ilan, Dibbern, Jens, Kotlarsky, Julia, and Krancher, Oliver

A Wikipedia-based Method to Support Creative Idea Generation: The Role of Stimulus Relatedness

Wang, Kai and Nickerson, Jeffrey V

Detecting Anomalous Online Reviewers: An Unsupervised Approach Using Mixture Models

Kumar, Naveen, Venugopal, Deepak, Qiu, Liangfei, and Kumar, Subodha

Information Processing on Online Review Platforms

Siering, Michael and Janze, Christian

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