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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Issue: Action Research in Information Systems

Avison, David, Kock, Ned, and Malaurent, Julien

An Agile Methodology for the Disaster Recovery of Information Systems Under Catastrophic Scenarios

Baham, Corey, Hirschheim, Rudy, Calderon, Andres A, and Kisekka, Victoria

Reflective Technology Assimilation: Facilitating Electronic Health Record Assimilation in Small Physician Practices

Baird, Aaron, Davidson, Elizabeth, and Mathiassen, Lars

IT-Enabled Revenue Cycle Transformation in Resource-Constrained Hospitals: A Collaborative Digital Options Inquiry

Singh, Rajendra, Mindel, Vitali, and Mathiassen, Lars

Enabling Effective Operational Risk Management in a Financial Institution: An Action Research Study

Ou Yang, Shirley, Hsu, Carol, Sarker, Suprateek, and Lee, Allen S

Positivist Information Systems Action Research: Methodological Issues

Kock, Ned, Avison, David, and Malaurent, Julien

Platform Structures, Homing Preferences, and Homophilous Propensities in Online Social Networks

Kwon, Hyeokkoo Eric, Oh, Wonseok, and Kim, Taekyung

The Impact of Mental Representations on ICT-Related Overload in the Use of Mobile Phones

Saunders, Carol, Wiener, Martin, Klett, Sabrina, and Sprenger, Sebastian

A Two-Stage Model of Generating Product Advice: Proposing and Testing the Complementarity Principle

Xu, David Jingjun, Benbasat, Izak, and Cenfetelli, Ronald T

Using IT Design to Prevent Cyberbullying

Lowry, Paul Benjamin, Moody, Gregory D, and Chatterjee, Sutirtha

Impediments to Information Systems Replacement: A Calculus of Discontinuance

Furneaux, Brent and Wade, Michael

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