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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

The Consensus Effect in Online Health-Care Communities

Yan, Lu (LUCY) and Tan, Yong

What Leads to Prosocial Behaviors on Social Networking Services: A Tripartite Model

Kuem, Jungwon, Ray, Soumya, Siponen, Mikko, and Kim, Sung S

Who Do You Think You Are? Common and Differential Effects of Social Self-Identity on Social Media Usage

Pan, Zhao, Lu, Yaobin, Wang, Bin, and Chau, Patrick YK

Winning Back Technology Disadopters: Testing a Technology Readoption Model in the Context of Mobile Internet Services

Xu, Xin, Thong, James YL, and Tam, Kar Yan

To Cyberloaf or Not to Cyberloaf: The Impact of the Announcement of Formal Organizational Controls

Khansa, Lara, Kuem, Jungwon, Siponen, Mikko, and Kim, Sung S

A Study of Enterprise Software Licensing Models

Li, Shengli, Cheng, Hsing Kenneth, Duan, Yang, and Yang, Yu-Chen

A Strategic Analysis of Multi-Channel Expert Services

Ak├žura, M Tolga and Ozdemir, Zafer D

The Risk Implications of Mergers and Acquisitions with Information Technology Firms

Chang, Young Bong and Cho, Wooje

Gamification in the Workplace: The Central Role of the Aesthetic Experience

Suh, Ayoung, Cheung, Christy MK, Ahuja, Manju, and Wagner, Christian

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