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Special Issue: Information Systems for Deception Detection

Nunamaker, Jay F, Burgoon, Judee K, and Giboney, Justin Scott

More Than Meets the Eye: How Oculometric Behaviors Evolve Over the Course of Automated Deception Detection Interactions

Proudfoot, Jeffrey G, Jenkins, Jeffrey L, Burgoon, Judee K, and Nunamaker, Jay F

An Empirical Validation of Malicious Insider Characteristics

Liang, Nan (Peter), Biros, David P, and Luse, Andy

Computer-Mediated Deception: Strategies Revealed by Language-Action Cues in Spontaneous Communication

Ho, Shuyuan Mary, Hancock, Jeffrey T, Booth, Cheryl, and Liu, Xiuwen

Detecting Fraudulent Behavior on Crowdfunding Platforms: The Role of Linguistic and Content-Based Cues in Static and Dynamic Contexts

Siering, Michael, Koch, Jascha-Alexander, and Deokar, Amit V

What Online Reviewer Behaviors Really Matter? Effects of Verbal and Nonverbal Behaviors on Detection of Fake Online Reviews

Zhang, Dongsong, Zhou, Lina, Kehoe, Juan Luo, and Kilic, Isil Yakut

Examining Hacker Participation Length in Cybercriminal Internet-Relay-Chat Communities

Benjamin, Victor, Zhang, Bin, Nunamaker, Jay F, and Chen, Hsinchun

Untangling a Web of Lies: Exploring Automated Detection of Deception in Computer-Mediated Communication

Ludwig, Stephan, van Laer, Tom, de Ruyter, Ko, and Friedman, Mike

Special Section: When Machine Meets Society: Social Impacts of Information and Information Economics

Clemons, Eric K, Dewan, Rajiv M, Kauffman, Robert J, and Weber, Thomas A

Versioning: Go Vertical in a Horizontal Market?

Dey, Debabrata and Lahiri, Atanu

Product Pricing in a Peer-to-Peer Economy

Weber, Thomas A

Perverse Effects in Defense of Computer Systems: When More Is Less

Wolff, Josephine

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