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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Enterprise Resource Planning

Ragowsky, Arik and Somers, Toni M

Learning to Implement Enterprise Systems: An Exploratory Study of the Dialectics of Change

Robey, Daniel, Ross, Jeanne W, and Boudreau, Marie-Claude

Implementation Team Responsiveness and User Evaluation of Customer Relationship Management: A Quasi-Experimental Design Study of Social Exchange Theory

Gefen, David and Ridings, Catherine M

Investment in Enterprise Resource Planning: Business Impact and Productivity Measures

Hitt, Lorin M, Wu, D J, and Xiaoge, Zhou

The Influence of Multimedia on Improving the Comprehension of Organizational Information

Lim, Kai H and Benbasat, Izak

Multiparty Negotiation Support: The Role of Visualization's Influence on the Development of Shared Mental Models

Swaab, Roderick I, Postmes, Tom, Neijens, Peter, Kiers, Marius H, and Dumay, Adrie C M

Software Functionality: A Game Theoretic Analysis

Kai Lung, Hui and Kar Yan, Tam

An Integrated Performance Model of Information Systems Projects

Aladwani, Adel M

Individual Trust in Online Firms: Scale Development and Initial Test

Bhattacherjee, Anol

Profiling Web Usage in the Workplace: A Behavior-Based Artificial Intelligence Approach

Anandarajan, Murugan

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