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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Issue: On the Contributions of Applied Science/Engineering Research to Information Systems

Briggs, Robert O, Nunamaker, Jay F, and Giboney, Justin S

The Last Research Mile: Achieving Both Rigor and Relevance in Information Systems Research

Nunamaker, Jay F, Briggs, Robert O, Derrick, Douglas C, and Schwabe, Gerhard

Barriers to Interorganizational Knowledge Transfer in Post-Hospital Care Transitions: Review and Directions for Information Systems Research

Lim, Shi Ying, Jarvenpaa, Sirkka L, and Lanham, Holly J

Anatomy of Successful Business Models for Complex Services: Insights from the Telemedicine Field

Peters, Christoph, Blohm, Ivo, and Leimeister, Jan Marco

It Is Not Just About Competition with “Free”: Differences Between Content Formats in Consumer Preferences and Willingness to Pay

Berger, Benedikt, Matt, Christian, Steininger, Dennis M, and Hess, Thomas

Evaluating Team Collaboration Quality: The Development and Field Application of a Collaboration Maturity Model

Boughzala, Imed and De Vreede, Gert-Jan

Strategic Relevance of Organizational Virtues Enabled by Information Technology in Organizational Innovation

Chatterjee, Sutirtha, Moody, Gregory D, Lowry, Paul Benjamin, Chakraborty, Suranjan, and Hardin, Andrew

Machiavellianism or Morality: Which Behavior Pays Off In Online Innovation Contests?

Hutter, Katja, Füller, Johann, Hautz, Julia, Bilgram, Volker, and Matzler, Kurt

A Taxonomy of Evaluation Methods for Information Systems Artifacts

Prat, Nicolas, Comyn-Wattiau, Isabelle, and Akoka, Jacky

Competition Between Open Source and Proprietary Software: Strategies for Survival

Sacks, Michael

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