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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Online Social Connections: Efficiency Versus Regulation

Clemons, Eric K, Dewan, Rajiv M, Kauffman, Robert J, and Weber, Thomas A

Task Division for Team Success in Crowdsourcing Contests: Resource Allocation and Alignment Effects

Dissanayake, Indika, Zhang, Jie, and Gu, Bin

Family Preferences Concerning Online Privacy, Data Mining, and Targeted Ads: Regulatory Implications

Clemons, Eric K and Wilson, Joshua S

Industry-Level Analysis of Information Technology Return and Risk: What Explains the Variation?

Ren, Fei and Dewan, Sanjeev

Understanding the Dynamics of Service-Oriented Architecture Implementation

Li, Xitong and Madnick, Stuart E

Contextualized Relationship Between Knowledge Sharing and Performance in Software Development

Ozer, Muammer and Vogel, Doug

Understanding Members’ Active Participation in Online Question-and-Answer Communities: A Theory and Empirical Analysis

Khansa, Lara, Ma, Xiao, Liginlal, Divakaran, and Kim, Sung S

Social Media and Brand Purchase: Quantifying the Effects of Exposures to Earned and Owned Social Media Activities in a Two-Stage Decision Making Model

Xie, Karen and Lee, Young-Jin

Role of Affect in Self-Disclosure on Social Network Websites: A Test of Two Competing Models

Yu, Jongtae, Hu, Paul Jen-Hwa, and Cheng, Tsang-Hsiang

Design Theory for Market Surveillance Systems

Li, Xin, Sun, Sherry X, Chen, Kun, Fung, Terrance, and Wang, Huaiqing

Estimating the Contextual Risk of Data Breach: An Empirical Approach

Sen, Ravi and Borle, Sharad

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