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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

The Impact of Firm Learning on Value Creation in Strategic Outsourcing Relationships

Mani, Deepa and Barua, Anitesh

The Role of Dynamic Capabilities in Responding to Digital Disruption: A Factor-Based Study of the Newspaper Industry

Karimi, Jahangir and Walter, Zhiping

Knowledge Integration in Outsourced Software Development: The Role of Sentry and Guard Processes

Mehta, Nikhil and Bharadwaj, Anandhi

Exploitation and Exploration Networks in Open Source Software Development: An Artifact-Level Analysis

Temizkan, Orcun and Kumar, Ram L

Temporal Distance, Communication Patterns, and Task Performance in Teams

Espinosa, J Alberto, Nan, Ning, and Carmel, Erran

Lost in Cyberspace: The Impact of Information Scent and Time Constraints on Stress, Performance, and Attitudes Online

Moody, Gregory D and Galletta, Dennis F

Web Personalization Cues and Their Differential Effects on User Assessments of Website Value

Benlian, Alexander

Online Price Dispersion Revisited: How Do Transaction Prices Differ from Listing Prices?

Zhao, Kexin, Zhao, Xia, and Deng, Jing

Push or Pull? A Website’s Strategic Choice of Content Delivery Mechanism

Ma, Dan

Employees’ Exploration of Complex Systems: An Integrative View

Liang, Huigang, Peng, Zeyu, Xue, Yajiong, Guo, Xitong, and Wang, Nengmin

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