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Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

Special Section: Customer-Centric Information Systems

Ting-Peng, Liang and Tanniru, Mohan R

Enabling Customer-Centricity Using Wikis and the Wiki Way

Wagner, Christian and Majchrzak, Ann

Personalized Content Recommendation and User Satisfaction: Theoretical Synthesis and Empirical Findings

Ting-Peng, Liang, Hung-Jen, L A I, and Yi-Cheng, K U

Online Consumer Search Depth: Theories and New Findings

Jie, Zhang, Xiao, Fang, and Liu Sheng, Olivia R

Designing Web Sites for Customer Loyalty Across Business Domains: A Multilevel Analysis

Mithas, Sunil, Ramasubbu, Narayan, Krishnan, M S, and Fornell, Claes

Strategic Alignment Between Business and Information Technology: A Knowledge-Based View of Behaviors, Outcome, and Consequences

Kearns, Grover S and Sabherwal, Rajiv

Using Enterprise Architecture Standards in Managing Information Technology

Wai Fong, Boh and Yellin, Daniel

Efficacy in Technology-Mediated Distributed Teams

Fuller, Mark A, Hardin, Andrew M, and Davison, Robert M

Conflict and Performance in Global Virtual Teams

Kankanhalli, Atreyi, Tan, Bernard C Y, and Kwok-Kee, Wei

Optimal Strategies for a Monopoly Intermediary in the Supply Chain of Complementary Web Services

Qian, Tang and Hsing, Cheng

A Knowledge Management Success Model: Theoretical Development and Empirical Validation

Kulkarni, Uday R, Ravindran, Sury, and Freeze, Ronald

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