Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 10 Number 1 1993 pp. 123-139

Perceptions of Conflict and Success in Information Systems Development Projects

Robey, Daniel, Smith, Larry A, and Vijayasarathy, Leo R

ABSTRACT: Previous research on the development of information systems has focused on the conflicts among participants and the consequences of satisfactory resolution of those conflicts. In this paper, we test a model of conflict during system development [40,41]. As specified, the model proposed relationships among participation, influence, conflict, and conflict resolution. We extend the model to include project success as an outcome variable. A sample of 84 participants in 17 system development projects in 3 organizations was surveyed. Results support the portions of the model reported earlier [41], show a strong positive relationship between conflict resolution and project success, and show a modest positive relationship between participation and project success.

Key words and phrases: conflict resolution, information systems development, project success, social conflict