Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 2 Number 4 1986 pp. 49-69

Automating Planning Environments: Knowledge Integration and Model Scripting

McIntyre, Scott C, Konsynski, Benn R, and Nunamaker Jr, Jay F

ABSTRACT: Progress has been limited in understanding the nature of Information Systems (IS) planning and accomplishing its goals. Two problems which contribute fundamentally are the dynamism of IS and the difficulty of integrating multiple perspectives on IS planning. Automated environments which support the IS planning process must address these two issues, dynamism and integration. In this paper, three perspectives on the IS planning process are reviewed. Knowledge-based techniques using Semantic Inheritance Nets are described as useful for view integration and for providing a flexible, dynamic, automated model of the IS planning environment which is accessible to is tools. The use of scripting in IS planning models is examined as a way to address the issue of IS dynamism. Implementation of these techniques is described in PLEXPLAN, a knowledge-based environment for IS planning. Application of knowledge integration and model scripting in an instance of PLEXPLAN use is described.

Key words and phrases: information systems planning, automated planning, knowledge bases, semantic nets, model scripting