Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 9 Number 1 1992 pp. 25-45

Root Causes of Strategic Information Systems Planning Implementation Problems

Lederer, Albert L and Sethi, Vijay

ABSTRACT: Strategic information systems planning is the process of creating a long-range plan of computer-based applications to enable an organization to achieve its goals. Previous research has shown that many problems can potentially impede information systems planners as they carry out the process. The current study uses a survey of eighty information systems planners to investigate a causal relationship among the problems. It reveals a causal model describing (1) the influence of organization problems on hardware, cost, and database problems, and (2) the influence of organization, hardware, cost, and database problems on implementation problems. Cost problems had the largest direct effect on implementation problems.

Key words and phrases: MIS implementation, organizational context of MIS, strategic planning for MIS