Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 30 Number 2 2013 pp. 101-126

Channel Capabilities, Product Characteristics, and the Impacts of Mobile Channel Introduction

Bang, Youngsok, Lee, Dong-Joo, Han, Kunsoo, Hwang, Minha, and Ahn, Jae-Hyeon

ABSTRACT: Drawing on the notion of channel capability, we develop a theoretical ramework for understanding the interactions between mobile and traditional online channels for products with different characteristics. Specifically, we identify two channel capabilities-access and search capabilities-that differentiate mobile and online channels, and two product characteristics that are directly related to the channel capabilities-time criticality and information intensity. Based on this framework, we generate a set of predictions on the differential effects of mobile channel introduction across different product categories. We test the predictions by applying a counterfactual analysis based on vector autoregression to a large panel data set from a leading e-market in Korea that covers a 28-month period and contains all of the transactions made through the online and mobile channels before and after the mobile channel introduction. Consistent with our theoretical predictions, our results suggest that the performance impact of the mobile channel depends on the two product characteristics and the resulting product-channel fit. We discuss implications for theory and multichannel strategy.

Key words and phrases: counterfactual analysis, electronic commerce, mobile commerce, multichannel strategy, multivariate baseline analysis, substitute and complement, time series, vector autoregression