Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 10 Number 1 1993 pp. 141-163

The Initiation, Adoption, and Implementation of Telecommunications Technologies in U.S. Organizations

Grover, Varun and Goslar, Martin D

ABSTRACT: Despite the increasing pervasiveness of telecommunications technologies, very few studies have holistically attempted to examine their use in organizational contexts. This study approaches the use of these technologies from an innovation perspective. Literature on innovation is synthesized into a testable model and the results of a senior IS executive survey of 154 organizations is reported. Factors that enable initiation, adoption, and implementation of a set of 15 distinct telecommunications technologies are examined. Two factors in particular, environmental uncertainty and decentralization of decision making, show significant relationships with the usage of these technologies. The results provide useful insights into the usage of individual technologies and the contextual factors that enable diffusion of this important set of technologies in U.S. organizations.

Key words and phrases: adoption of telecommunications, implementation of telecommunications, organizational innovation, telecommunications technologies