Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 14 Number 3 1997 pp. 61-88

Information Exchange and Use in GSS and Verbal Group Decision Making: Effects of Minority Influence

Dennis, Alan R, Hilmer, Kelly M, and Taylor, Nolan J

ABSTRACT: This study investigated the effects of GSS use on the exchange and use of information with and without a majority/minority split of opinion in the group. When there was a distinct majority/minority, groups exchanged more information, made better decisions, and took no more time when they used a GSS than when they did not use a GSS. In this case, the GSS enabled the minority to overcome the group's inertia toward the majority preference. In the uniform treatment where there was no majority preference, groups exchanged more information but made worse decisions and took more time when they used a GSS than when they did not. The primary cause for the poor performance when using the GSS was that group members did not process and use information received during discussion.

Key words and phrases: group support systems, hidden profile