Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 9 Number 2 1992 pp. 145-160

Career Anchors of Information Systems Personnel

Crepeau, Raymond G, Crook, Connie W, Goslar, Martin D, and McMurtrey, Mark E

ABSTRACT: Career research in the information systems (IS) field has primarily focused on external motivators associated with organizational factors and material incentives. IS empirical research investigating the internalized career orientations of practitioners is necessary to match individual expectations with corporate human resource planning. This study identifies several career anchors or orientations maintained by IS personnel. By administering the Career Orientations Inventory to 321 IS personnel, Managerial and Technical Competence, Identity, Service, Organizational Stability, and Variety career orientations are distinguished. These internal anchors significantly influence how IS and human resource management should (1) plan corporate IS career paths, (2) nurture IS employees during their careers, and (3) encourage appropriate communication about career advancement.

Key words and phrases: career orientations, information systems career planning, management of information systems personnel