Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 3 Number 1 1986 pp. 65-80

Organizational Factors Affecting the Success of End-User Computing

Cheney, Paul H, Mann, Robert I, and Amoroso, Donald L

ABSTRACT: End-user computing is one of the most significant phenomena to occur in the information systems industry in the last ten years [10, 39]. This paper attempts to identify those variables that affect the success or failure of end-user computing within an organization. The variables are classified as controllable, partially controllable, or uncontrollable. A conceptual scheme originally suggested by Ein-Dor and Segev [24] is adopted and applied to end-user computing. Previous research on end-user computing is reviewed and several propositions relating organizational variables to the success of end-user computing are suggested.

Key words and phrases: human information processing, organizational factors of MIS