Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 14 Number 1 1997 pp. 3-7

Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir


BUSINESS REENGINEERING, AND BUSINESS PROCESS REDESIGN AND IMPROVEMENT are, respectively, more or less radical elements of business process change enabled by information technology. Two years ago, Varun Grover and William Kettinger guest-edited a Special Section of this Journal, investigating the theory of business process change. Fittingly, they now present a Special Section of five papers that analyze the actual impact of the change as experienced by the changing organizations. I will not try to preempt here the Guest Editors and the authors in presenting to you the many lessons they will help you learn.

In the first paper of the general section, Alan R. Dennis, Craig K. Tyran, Douglas R. Vogel, and Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr., examine the application of a widely used group support system (GSS) to strategic planning, based on the first-use experience by thirty firms. The authors study the impact of four GSS dimensions, two of them task-related and two process-related, on the three sets of capabilities germane to the success of strategic planning. The authors report the success factors in the use of GSS for strategic planning, which will serve the many firms that will no doubt pursue such use in the future. They also outline the emerging research issues, notably stemming from the mutual influences between the evolving managerial processes and the evolution of information technology that supports communications and organizational memory.

The next paper addresses strategic planning issues as well. Thompson S.H. Teo and William R. King study the characteristics of the four types of integration between business planning and information systems planning. The model the authors propose and investigate demonstrates an evolution through these types as the stages on the road to full integration. The authors also identify the contingency factors of the progress, with the business savvy of the top MIS executive heading the list.

Two subsequent papers concentrate on information technology. Data modeling, or logical design, with existing methods (such as entity-relationship diagramming) presents difficulties to less experienced designers. Dinesh Batra offers a method for data modeling based on the set of the application's user views, readily available from its inputs (e.g., forms) and outputs (e.g., reports). A theoretical foundation for the relatively simple yet rigorous method is offered, showing that it leads to a normalized solution.

Information systems would appear to be ideally suited to assist an organization during a crisis, when a prompt and informed response is of the utmost importance and when the entire organization needs to speak in a single voice. Yet such systems are not available. Joanne Hale, in the final paper in this issue, offers a layered architecture for a distributed crisis-response information system. The system makes it possible to bring to bear the organizational memory of previous relevant experiences and enables the appropriate group processes within the firm.

As we enter the fourteenth year of this Journal's publication, I once again thank the Editorial Board, authors, readers, and the entire MIS community for their contributions and support. As always, it is a special privilege and pleasure to thank the Journal's reviewers, the primary guarantors of its quality.

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