Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 11 Number 1 1994 pp. 167-187

Influence of Experience on Personal Computer Utilization: Testing a Conceptual Model

Thompson, Ronald L, Higgins, Christopher A, and Howell, Jane M

ABSTRACT: The influence of prior experience on personal computer utilization was examined through an extension of a conceptual model developed and tested previously. Respondents were classified on the basis of their self-reported skill level and length of time having used personal computers. Three competing ways of modeling the influence of experience were tested: (1) a direct influence, (2) an indirect influence through six distinct attitude and belief components, and (3) a moderating influence on the relations between the attitude/belief components and utilization. The results suggested that experience influenced utilization directly, that indirect influences were present but less pronounced, and that the moderating influence of experience on the relations between five of six antecedent constructs and utilization was generally quite strong. For researchers, the implications are that prior experience with an information technology (IT) is an important factor to include when developing, testing, or applying models of IT adoption and use. For practitioners, the results highlight the importance of emphasizing applicability of the information technology to the current job and professional development early in the adoption process, with more emphasis on future benefits as experience is gained.

Key words and phrases: adoption of information technology, end-user computing, personal computer utilization