Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 5 Number 2 1988 pp. 23-37

Systems Planning for the Enterprise-wide Information Management Complex: The Architectural Approach

Targowski, Andrew S

ABSTRACT: An architectural approach is used to provide a framework for understanding the Enterprise-wide Information Management Complex (EWIMC). IMC is proposed as an emerging self-contained business process that interfaces with but remains separate from all other business elements, while providing unique services to those other elements. A generic model of EWIMC itself is presented that breaks down IMC into a set of systems federations, each functionally distinct from one another; each federation, in turn, is composed of more specific systems and each system its subsystems, and so on. Thus, a top-down, hierarchical approach is applied to the concept of IMC to provide a framework for understanding the complexities and interrelationships among its many pieces. The model is offered as a first step in developing a comprehensive overview of EWIMC to replace the numerous fragmented approaches offered in the past. An example of General Motors' architecture is presented. Finally, the System Planning Technique is presented as a tool for defining systems requirements.

Key words and phrases: information systems architecture, systems planning, generic models of information systems