Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 9 Number 3 1992 pp. 145-115

The Convergence of Organizational and End-User Computing

McLean, Ephraim R and Kappelman, Leon A

ABSTRACT: Given the growing prominence of end-user computing (EUC), a survey was conducted among the senior information systems executives, from a broad-based cross-section of consumer-goods manufacturing firms, on the patterns of computing within their companies. The results indicated (1) that the definition of end-user computing is expanding considerably within their organizations; (2) that this expansion is blurring the distinction between end-user computing and traditional information systems: and (3) that these developments are, on the whole, successful and are likely to be even, more so in the future. These findings suggest the need for a closer working relationship between information systems professionals and end users, building what might be called a "partnership for success."

Key words and phrases: end-user computing, management of information systems