Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 2 Number 3 1985 pp. 78-86

Organizational Size and Information System Sophistication

Lehman, John A

ABSTRACT: The issue of organizational size versus administrative innovation has long been of interest to economists and policy makers. The literature in this area suggests that there should be a relationship between organizational size and administrative innovation. Empirical studies of information system use have found that in the context of medical information systems, there seems to be a relationship between size and computer use. A recent paper by Gremillion in JMIS reported empirical evidence that the two variables are independent, contrary to the results predicted by established theory. This paper presents the results of a study intended to provide confirmatory evidence of this lack of relationship when some of the constraints of Gremillion's study are relaxed. The results suggest a significant relationship between organizational size and information system sophistication, although this relationship may be muddied by technical and organizational factors.

Key words and phrases: MIS and organization size, innovation, computer graphics