Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 14 Number 3 1997 pp. 23-44

A Facilitator's General Model for Managing Socioemotional Issues in Group Support Systems Meeting Environments

Kelly, Gigi G and Bostrom, Robert P

ABSTRACT: This paper addresses the socioemotional dimension in group support systems (GSS) meeting environments from the perspective of the facilitator. A model is presented and discussed. This model represents how facilitators perceive and manage socioemotional issues in a GSS environment. The role of GSS in the model is also explored. The research methodology for gathering and analyzing the data in this paper was based on critical incident technique and semistructured interviews with twenty-six experienced facilitators. The research found that GSS provides a very useful tool for managing socioemotional issues; however, GSS also creates new issues. The implications of this research study's findings for facilitators and future research issues are posited.

Key words and phrases: electronic meeting facilitation, group support systems, socioemotional aspects of meetings