Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 7 Number 2 1990 pp. 93-110

The Effect of Training Techniques and Personal Characteristics on Training End Users of Information Systems

Davis, Donald L and Davis, Donna F

ABSTRACT: End-user training is considered to be one of the top ten issues for management information systems management in the 1980s. Central to addressing end-user training is the appropriate training method for use to secure the most efficient and effective results. This study explored, by experimental means, the two extremes of training techniques: the lecture method with a trainer, and the self-study method. Also, the study examined the effect of end-user personal characteristics on end-user learning performance in the training environments. The results of the study provided some guidelines for organizations pursuing end-user training, and suggestions for additional study.

Key words and phrases: end-user training, human information processing, end-user characteristics, end-user computing