Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 39 Number 3 2022 pp. 706-732

The Good, the Bad, and the Social Media: Financial Implications of Social Media Reactions to Firm-Related News

Peng, Jing, Zhang, Juheng, and Gopal, Ram


Firms and investors often react to financial news on social media. However, how they react to news of different nature and whether their reactions influence the stock market is far from clear. Employing data on financial news, tweets posted by firms and investors, and daily stock prices, we find that firms are more responsive to news with positive sentiment and low uncertainty, whereas investors are more responsive to news with high uncertainty. Moreover, the increased tweeting activities of firms and investors can improve the stock returns of firms. We further show that investors’ social media reactions to news and the subsequent influence on stock returns depend on firm size. This paper provides a fuller picture of how firms, investors, and the stock market react to financial news, and reveals the nuanced interactions among them. We discuss how firms and investors can better leverage social media to improve stock performance.

Key words and phrases: Financial news, social media, news sentiment, news uncertainty, stock returns, information environment