Journal of Management Information Systems

Volume 36 Number 1 2019 pp. 14-36

Nuanced Responses to Enterprise Architecture Management: Loyalty, Voice, and Exit

Hylving, Lena and Bygstad, Bendik


Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) aims to deal with the complexities of information technology (IT) solutions and to achieve more organizational agility. EAM is a holistic approach to IT architecture, but the results of the approach have been variable. An under-researched aspect of EAM is how different organizational units respond to the call for a holistic approach. In this study, we investigate how different stakeholders in a large governmental agency connected to three on-going projects and their response to EAM initiatives. With a qualitative approach, we identify three options of response to EAM initiatives: (1) active compliance with the EAM strategy, (2) loyal but passive response, and (3) rebel solutions. We argue for the need of a more nuanced repertoire of actions for dealing with EAM and show how these responses are useful for understanding and managing successful EAM.

Key words and phrases: Enterprise Architecture Management, IT architecture, organizational agility