Editorial Introduction

Zwass, Vladimir

An Empirically Derived Taxonomy of Information Technology Structure and Its Relationship to Organizational Structure

Fiedler, Kirk Dean, Grover, Varun, and Teng, James T C

Key Prescriptions for Strategic Information Systems Planning

Lederer, Albert L and Sethi, Vijay

The Congruence between a Firm's Competitive Strategy and Information Technology Leader's Rank and Role

Karimi, Jahangir, Gupta, Yash P, and Somers, Toni M

An Empirical Study of Factors Affecting Software Package Selection

Montazemi, Ali R, Cameron, David A, and Gupta, Kalyan Moy

Participation on Electronic Bulletin Board Systems: An Empirical Analysis of Work Value Congruency

Tillquist, John

A Motivational Model of Microcomputer Usage

Igbaria, Magid, Parasuraman, Saroj, and Baroudi, Jack J

An Empirical Test of the Contingency Approach to User Participation in Information Systems Development

Saleem, Naveed

User-Developed Applications: An Empirical Study of Application Quality and Developer Productivity

Edberg, Dana T and Bowman, Brent J

A Note on Project Risk and Option Values of Investments in Information Technologies

Kumar, Ram L

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