Journal of Management Information Systems

From the Editor-in-Chief

      It is a pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Journal of Management Information Systems. On the 30th anniversary of its publication, the Journal is continuing its mission to present to you an integrated view of the field of Information Systems (IS) through the significant novel contributions by the best thinkers. The past decades have witnessed the emergence of IS as one of the established scholarly fields. Our discipline seeks to understand how systems can be organized, developed, and deployed effectively to manage information and knowledge toward specified outcomes, in order to support organizations, marketplaces, and products. Our research has gained particular salience as the value-delivery webs are enabled by IS, as dominant firms are organized around IS, as they deliver products that are fully or in a large part digital, and as our lives and societies evolve around electronic relationships and interactions. Our field has a demonstrated ability not only to use theories developed elsewhere, but to contribute its own theories, methods, and theoretically-based artifacts to other fields.

      Several now prominent research streams in the discipline have their origins in the foundational paper published in the Journal. Consistently among the top-ranked journals publishing IS research, JMIS has been privileged to be able to contribute to the growth of our discipline. Recent research shows JMIS in a tie with ISR as the most representative of the leading journals in the field and one of the three top-tier A+ Information Systems journals. JMIS has always reflected the belief that thematic and methodological diversity within a well-defined IS domain is our strength. We are grateful for the support we have received from the community of scholars and practitioners.

      Greetings, Vladimir Zwass